90 minutes left of #Innovate2038 gameplay!

To the awesome #Innovate2038 community:


Three words: you. all. rock. We’re at just over 9000 ideas from over 500 players in 50 countries. And this isn’t just a quantity game—we’re totally floored by the quality of the ideas and innovations, discussions and collaborations that have you all have co-created here over the past 34.5 hours.

We’ll post final-final numbers later tonight and winners of the four #Innovate2038 Awards tomorrow, Sept 27.
To stay connected to the #Innovate2038 community and the latest updates from the game, follow our hashtag #innovate2038 on Twitter, and our two organizations sponsoring this game—the Industrial Research Institute and the Institute for the Future—will tweet the latest updates and final results.

But the game isn’t over yet! You know those crazy ideas you’ve been holding back, those wacky forecasts for how we’ll do research and innovation in the next 25 years? This is the time! See you for the last time in the game!

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