Announcing the Innovate2038 Awards!

Together we have 36 hours to make the future of research and innovation. There are so many ways to play the game—for leaderboard points, for novel ideas and interesting discussions, for new collaborations with people outside your network—but there are 4 areas of interest that can earn you one of the first-ever Innovate2038 Awards. <…drumroll please…> Here are the awards:

IRI_Badges-01Project Management Pioneer“You Bring the Pieces Together”
(use the hashtag #project2038)

Project management is the complex work of integrating myriad parts into a whole. For this award we’ll be looking for groundbreaking ideas that answer some of these questions:

  • What new skills we need to manage successful research and innovation efforts need to be successful in the next 25 year?
  • How will we use powerful emerging tools—simulation, virtual labs, online micro-work—to get to answers faster?
  • How will we balance technology and human skill in R&D efforts towards 2038?

Talent Management Trailblazer“You Gather Expertise on Demand”
(use the hashtag #talent2038)

Breakthrough ideas and research efforts still need the best minds, but how will we find, keep, connect, and reward them in new ways over the next 25 years?

  • What new models of collaboration and team assembly will work for the innovation landscape of 2038?
  • How will reputation markets, feedback scores, and micro-research platforms change the process of research?
  • What can traditional R&D organizations learn from more agile & open models like makerspaces, maker/hacker networks, and research competitions?

IRI_Badges-02Portfolio Management Mover “You See the Big Picture”
(use the hashtag #portfolio2038)

Striking the right balance of research and innovation efforts, investments, and approaches won’t be easy over the next 25 years. These will be some of the critical questions:

  • When should we take open approaches to the intellectual property (IP) of research and innovation over 25 years? And when will closed and competitive models and processes be what it takes to get the job done?
  • Where should we focus research and innovation  in the next 25 years to solve the biggest challenges and act on new opportunities?
  • How are these priorities different than where we concentrate in 2013?

IRI_Badges-04Value of Research Vanguard“You Make the Case”
(use the hashtag #value2038)

Innovate2038 isn’t just about the how of research & innovation, but also why—keeping our work relevant and engaging even more people in the process.

  • How will we make the case to companies, the public and society that funding research and discovery remains as important as ever?
  • Who are new clients and funders of research and innovation over the next 25 years?
  • How will crowdfunding and crowdsourced participation change the work of scientific discovery and product development?
  • How can research and innovation become a massively participatory global movement, tapping the ideas, expertise, time, and investment of everyone who can join in?

If you think you have a winning idea for one of the awards, remember to mark your cards with the award’s hashtag. We’ll be posting early nominees for each award today, and final results tomorrow afternoon. See you in the game!


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