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Q | What is the Innovate2038 game?

Innovate2038 is a 36-hour global conversation based on IRI’s extensive IRI2038 research project to uncover new ideas and new strategies that can reinvent the very concept of R&D and technology innovation management for the 21st century. It will be hosted on the Institute for the Future Foresight Engine platform designed specifically to engage crowds of hundreds and even thousands of people in sharing innovations, strategy, and foresight.

Q | Why play a game to envision the future of the research and innovation?

As innovators, we want to use an innovative and new approach for maximizing inclusion and idea generation. This gaming approach is designed specifically to gather massively many diverse ideas to be shared across the community. Games take people outside the bounds of daily modes of thinking. When we want to think about the future, it’s important to loosen these bounds so that we can anticipate the plausible, but not-yet-realized.

Games also encourage both competition and collaboration—both can be very useful in building shared visions of the future. Finally, games are fun. Through the concept of play, we can generate meaningful conversations about our future.

Q | Will I get recognition for my ideas?

The game is designed around winning! And there are lots of ways to win. Your ideas may be marked “Super Interesting” by a game master. Or they may be highlighted in a realtime game blog. And like any good game, you’ll have the chance to unlock awards as you go.



Q | What do I have to do to register for the game?

Go to play.innovate2038.org, watch the video, and click Create Player.

Foresight Engine will ask you to create a userID and password. It will also ask you to enter an email address and some information about your location, occupation, and affiliation (see Privacy Notes below). You will also have a chance to create your first forecast and earn your first 10 points.

Q: Where do I go to play the game if I’ve already registered?

Go to play.innovate2038game.org/users/sign_in

Enter your userID and password to begin playing. If you forget your password, you can request a new one.

Q | What do I do if I forget my userID?

There is no automated way to retrieve a userID. You can try the following:

Q | How can I view my personal profile?

Click on your name in the Leaderboard.

Your basic profile information is set up when you create a player. As you play cards, more information is added. You cannot change the information in your profile once it is set up.

Q | How do I see a card chain?

  1. Click on a card.
  2. On the next screen, any follow-on cards will appear below.
  3. If the card you clicked on is a follow-on to a previous card, you’ll see a large number above it, which you can click on to step up the chain.

Q | I can only see my position in the leaderboard, but I can’t see those at the top. How do I know who’s leading the game?

From the dashboard, use the left slider arrow to scroll to Most Forecasting Points.

The Most Forecasting Points column shows all the players in the order of points earned.

Q | How do I follow another player?

  1. Click the player’s name on a card or in the leaderboard.
  2. Click the star under the player’s name in their player profile.

When you click a player’s name, his or her profile appears, with a gray star below it. When you click on the gray star, the star turns yellow, and all of that player’s cards show

up on the dashboard under the Players I’m Following column.

Q | How do I track a card?

Click the star in the upper right corner of the card. When you click the star, it will turn yellow and that card will be listed on your dashboard in the Cards I’m Tracking column.

Q | Can I see if other players are following me?

No, and they can’t see if you’re following them.

Q | How do cards get marked as Super Interesting?

IFTF game guides mark cards as Super Interesting. the game guides are constantly watching the flow of cards to pick out the most novel and innovative ideas they see. When a card is marked as Super Interesting, a colored circle appears on the corner of the card and the card appears in the list of Super Interesting cards on the dashboard. (Use the slider arrows to move from column to column on the dashboard.)

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