Final #innovate2038 game roundup

Amazing #Innovate2038 community:

This truly counts as making-the-future. The #Innovate2038 game ended at 9pm PT / midnight ET last night, with a final tally of 9,958 ideas from 543 players representing 53 countries. And this wasn’t just about quantity—we’re totally floored by the quality of the ideas and innovations, discussions and collaborations that you co-created over the past 36 hours to make the future.

Official Awards: Finalists & Winners

For the four #Innovate2038 official awards, we’ve narrowed our almost 10,000 ideas to a few nominees for each award. Find out if you’re a finalist—or an award winner!

And huge congratulations to player Hathor, who not only won the most points on the #Innovate2038 leaderboard but was also the Most Followed Player by others in the game and had the highest number of cards marked Most Interesting by our game guides. And our heartiest congratulations and appreciation to:

  • NullDeco
  • Gardener
  • JimmyLP
  • BagelX
  • plan_then
  • jkimhan
  • SaschaGoto
  • mackenziedickson
  • mary.hart
  • acclouse
  • DiaZero
  • jogger1031
  • michele
  • April, and
  • Cosmic_Mitch


Let’s keep this conversation going with the game’s hashtag of #innovate2038. Many of you are tweeting already, and if you’d like to connect to others, tweet your name in the game along with #innovate2038.

And, be sure to track more updates from the game and more work on the future of research and innovation by following the Industrial Research Institute (@iriwebFacebook) and the Institute for the Future (@iftfFacebook). We’ll also update the #Innovate2038 game blog with the raw data from the idea cards and more analysis of the most interesting themes from the game.

Enjoy the weekend innovators, you all deserve it.

—Team Innovate2038

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