How can we top day 1 of gameplay? Day 2 and awards!

21 hours down—15 hours to go!

What an amazing first day of gameplay in the Innovate2038 game. <drumroll> 4649 ideas played by 376 players by 9pm Pacific yesterday night, Wed Sept 25! Congratulations everyone for being a part of the first global crowdsourced game on the future of research & innovation. Gameplay definitely isn’t over yet, but before we talk about day 2, let’s look at yesterday. To start, here’s the word frequency from the idea cards played before 9p yesterday (with a few obvious words* removed to get at more interesting patterns):

IRIwordleMOARremoved(what ideas are you surprised is missing? Play them in the game)

I’m really excited to see learning & education, data, AI, IP, open, make, systems, risk, funding, time, simulation, and game in this list. We track how these ideas expand today, and look for the new terms that emerge just from today’s gameplay. (I’ve linked some of these terms to instant-analysis updates our game guide team posted yesterday—check them out for more of an overview of day 1 gameplay).

But we have 15 hours to go, and if you’re asking yourself: 4600 cards in, Jason, what’s left? Oh, you know, nothing but the rest of the future of research and innovation!
To start, let’s go back to the four official Innovate2038 awards:

IRIawardsFor our last 15 hours of gameplay, our Innovate2038 game guide team is going to be scouting out final nominees for these four important areas of the future of research & innovation. To make our job even easier, remember to use the hashtag associated with each award (check out our blog post announcing and describing the awards in more detail—for each award, there are multiple ways to win).

All bets are off for day 2 of Innovate2038. See you in the game!

(*FYI, the ‘obvious words’ I removed from the word cloud: innovate, innovation, research, need, think, also, just, like, idea, ideas, get, people, new, change, now, one, way, good, better, maybe, see, much, use, yes, might, may, still, well, already, even, many)

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