I have a foresight crush…on Rasa

So, I must admit, I have developed a bit of a player crush.  I had seen Rasa’s cards before and thought they were interesting but then I saw this card:


I was a total goner. Head over heels. Giddy. Butterflies in my stomach. I went back through Rasa’s past posts and the love only grew. How had I not noticed these before?

ip-focused selfish

not black and white

Now I constantly go to the “players I’m following” column to check if they have said anything new, and proudly read their awesome ideas aloud to my colleagues. Many have come from this fascinating chain that Rasa sparked around the future of multigenerational homes and the possibilities they present.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 1.39.55 PM

The conversation branches off in really interesting directions. Click on the image above to explore where it goes!

That’s it for now. But keep on innovating, Rasa!

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