Over 6,000 ideas played!

25 hours into gameplay, Innovate2038 has generated  6,056 ideas played by 483 registered players. The quality of the ideas has been astounding and leaderboard competition fierce. Students are making a strong showing, representing 4 out of the current top 10 players!

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 9.40.24 AM

The big question I had was, “what makes a winner?” I looked through the top players to see what types of cards they are playing that are getting them to the top. Hathor and JimmyLP are all about the momentum cards, with almost all of their cards falling in that category. NullDeco and mackenziedickson take a more balanced approach, playing almost equal numbers of momentum, adaptation, and investigation cards. Gardner, however takes the inquisitive approach, using mostly investigation cards to push conversation forward.

So, what makes a winner? Playing to your strengths! Everyone takes their own approach, but the important part is they aren’t just throwing out positive or critical imagination cards, they are pushing thoughts forward, engaging in conversation, and fueling new ideas around the future of research and innovation.

Only 11 hours left to play! Join the conversation at www.innovate2038game.org

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