Portfolio Management Mover 2038 Award!

IRI_Badges-02One of the critical challenges for research and innovation over the next 25 years will be striking the right balance of investments and approaches—balancing quantitative research with human intuition, internal efforts with external thinking partners, fast responses with slow incubations, open IP balanced with closed and proprietary. Lean too much in one direction, or overlook an emerging area that ultimately pays off, and you potentially miss the next big opportunity to make the future.


Our finalists for Portfolio Manager Mover 2038:

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Congratulations BudiCypher, and SaschaGoto.

Award Winners

For this award there’s a tie <audience gasps> between jlindenger and RDRoadWarrior, for two sharp and provocative ideas from the future of organizations and research portfolios that have found sustainable ways to open up the current status quo of intellectual property.

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Google ChromeScreenSnapz003Your ideas will move the research portfolios of 2013 to the future of 2038!


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