Project Management Pioneer 2038 Award!

IRI_Badges-01The prefix “micro” came up quite a lot during #Innovate2038 game play—micro-contributions, micro-work, micro-investment, micro-learning, micro-currency, micro-contracts…you get where this is going. We are already living in a world where media and information is being consumed in smaller and smaller bits (think 140 character contributions a la twitter or Foresight Engine or 6-second videos from Vine). With even more data and micro-bits to deal with come 2038, some of the biggest questions facing R&I will be how do we make sense of, streamline, and gain insight from all of these micro-bits? and what is the right balance of technology and human skill? There were some great Project Management Pioneers amongst our players.


Here some of the finalists:


Players RobertP, Kaamoslandia, Complexity, and Batman present super interesting ideas on how we will be able to elevate our R&D efforts in 2038. Definitely some important food for thought moving forward.

Award Winners

However, I would like co-award two players—delta.bravo and Hathor—as our winning Project Management Pioneers. Each of these players posted cards that sparked robust conversations relating to the future of project management. Let’s take a peek:

delta.bravo’s recommends all research platforms—across all fields—be streamlined. Any information entered in one database could easily be combined and compared with others. Delta.bravo builds on the idea in subsequent cards.

bits and atoms

Last but certainly not least is Hathor’s card, which sparked one of the most robust conversations in the entire game (it was the second largest build in the game!). Hathor pushes us to think about the possibilities presented to us in a world where we have direct brain to brain communication. From understanding what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes to collaborating with people across the world to concerns about privacy and brain-hacking, Hathor definitely got players thinking about the world in 2038.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 3.12.11 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-27 at 3.13.07 PM

Congratulations to all our Project Management Pioneers! Thanks for helping us make the future on #Innovate2038

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