Ditching the internet, psychedelics, and dream states

As we get started this morning – use these cards to think about how you can best prepare your mind for creative problem solving! Looking out to 2038, think about what new norms or practices could be implemented across research organizations that would allow researchers to find their personal best place for innovation.

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amidst all the hyper-connection, Hathor suggests a tech-less retreat where researchers can unplug. This practice of going offline or having a change of scenery could help with employee satisfaction and boost productivity or creativity.

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It could also help with employee retention – No GoT points out that with ever growing lifespans, researchers might burn out and leave the profession if not given the opportunity to explore other fields or try new things.

But some other players took a different approach to thinking about what gets researchers in the right state of mind… which resulted in this awesome idea from JimmyLP and Lekraj about designing “dance floors” for psychedelic-induced innovation.

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This started a conversation about what other spaces or experiences produce the most creative ideas. For example, Japanese inventor Dr. Nakamats famously submerges himself at the bottom of a pool so that genius can strike. Other players responses varied from “submerged in chaos” to “physically active” and practicing “new research rituals” or maybe that moment just before waking, “the twilight zone.”

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The point is – it’s different for everyone. Supporting researchers to come up with the most innovative ideas will mean meeting them where they work best and allowing flexible customization of work spaces and routines.

As for me, based on some advice from Gardener, I’m definitely going to think about waking up differently tomorrow – and hopefully literally turn dreams into innovations.

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