Value of Research Vanguard 2038 award!

IRI_Badges-04The #Innovate2038 game wasn’t just about the how of research & innovation, but also why—keeping our work relevant and engaging even more people in the process, and ultimately posing the question of how research can become a global shared movement. That’s what we were looking for as a Value of Research Vanguard.


Our finalists are:

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Thanks to Bablakey, Cypher, jkimhan, thewheatengineer, plan_then, Adam_Vraves for thinking big about the future of research.

Award Winner

But our winner is Wendy both for her original idea card of a global ‘curiosity network’ and, particularly, for the scenario from the future of 2038 that Wendy wrote to bring this idea to life, a story of a botanist named Bao Wen who taps into a distributed real-time network of curious people around the world exploring the properties of the heliconia flower.

Wendy, we are proud to name you the #Innovate2038 Value of Research Vanguard. You make the case for a grand future of research & innovation that involves everyone

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